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DocCharge Feature Update June 2019
DocCharge Feature Update June 2019


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We have launched a significant update to our DocCharge technology platform to make you more productive and help your staff to followup and take care of four (4) action item more efficiently. Following are the details:

NOTIFICATION FEATURE: Physicians/Clinicians will be able to notify colleagues, office staff, and billers to complete action items listed under following categories.This will help user to notify other users on four (4) action item

  1. Image upload (Patient Summary) : Max 5 images can be uploaded at a time. Images can be downloaded from portal in both PDF and JPEG format to attach to EMR/billing applications. Images can be deleted from app. In PORTAL, images can be downloaded as PDF or JPEG format for integration into EMR.

  2. To- do list  (Patient Summary): Sign out to colleagues or staff to follow. 

  3. Follow-up (Patient Summary): Schedule outpatient follow-up post discharge to improve transitional care.  Follow up outstanding diagnostic work up post discharge and thus avoid liability.

  4. Discharge (Rounding List) : Schedule outpatient follow-up post discharge to improve transitional care

Any response to assigned To-do and Follow-up items by staff will be seen in APP. Once action items are closed, these will be highlighted GREEN in both APP and PORTAL.
Notification feature can be setup by user with Manager role only using PORTAL. Go to PRACTICE > Preference > Notification.

  1. Select Physician/Clinician individually or ALL

  2. Decide which ACTIONS to be assigned to staff

  3. Select RECIPIENTS for each ACTIONS

  4. SAVE

  5. All selected action items for all Physicians/Clinicians and designated recipients will show up below the notification table.

Designated user will receive notification in INBOX in PORTAL and total number of outstanding unread message will show up in INBOX

STAFF REVIEW tab has been added under BILLING tab to follow up all on all TO-DO, FOLLOW UP and patients with assigned discharge date.

SIGN-OFF FEATURE: We have renamed HIDE as SIGN-OFF (slide left) and thus physicians will be able to sign-off on a patient who is still remains in hospital but not to be seen on a daily basis. Subsequently physicians can SIGN BACK in to see the patients again. 

In APP, signed off patients will be found under Group tab in APP and will be highlighted blue. Sign Back can be clicked by sliding the patient tab to left.
In PORTAL, signed off patients can be put back in rounding list by clicking Sign On, listed under Options tab.

DISCHARGE FEATURE: We added a NEW action feature DISCHARGE at the left lower margin of each patient under ROUNDING LIST whereby physicians/clinicians can set a date when a patient is discharged from the practice and a notification via email and portal inbox messages will go to designated staff. Biller will also have access this info to complete charge submission.

  1. Patient will be removed from ROUNDING LIST in app next day after the set date.

  2. Once set, this action can not be reversed. We recommend to use this feature only when Physicians/Clinicians know for sure that patient had been discharged.

EMAIL FEATURE : Physicians/Clinicians can email office or billing staff directly from the PATIENT SUMMARY screen using EMAIL icon next to SHARE icon in right upper corner. No protected health information (PHI) to be included in email to be compliant with HIPAA.

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