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My patient disappeared from the rounding list (HIDE / UNHIDE)
My patient disappeared from the rounding list (HIDE / UNHIDE)

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Patients in DocCharge are disappearing from the ROUNDING LIST in app. For instance, physician entered a patient in ROUNDING LIST, but this patient does not show up in ROUNDING LIST. 

CLINICIAN: I saw this patient on previous admission and used the 'HIDE' option to remove from the list. Could this be causing his issue?

From the DocCharge Team: WHAT HAPPENED?

The patient was hidden (HIDE feature) from previous admission (by sliding left on rounding list). Once the patient is hidden, the patient disappears from the list or during next admission even if you enter the patient in the Rounding List anew. You can UNHIDE this patient from PORTAL only.


Workflow tips: Archive the patient routinely once patient is discharged from hospital in the Desktop Portal.

  1. Go to OVERVIEW tab in PORTAL, and find the patient (Showing STATUS : HIDDEN). 

  2. UNHIDE PATIENT from options tab.

  3. In mobile app, SYNC or sign out and log back in.

  4. Patient will re-appear in ROUNDING LIST.

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