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What is the purpose of the patient summary (single) screen?
What is the purpose of the patient summary (single) screen?
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  1. Patient summary (single) screen contains detailed summary of the current encounter, as follows:

  2. Demographics: Patient Name, Location (room/unit number), DOB (Date of birth), DOA (Date of Admission), DOD (Date of Discharge). 

  3. Review revenue data including total RVU and total Medicare allowable fees for a single patient.

  4. Charge: Snapshot of all charges (CPT) and diagnosis (ICD) used for a patient, listed according to date of service (DOS).

  5. To Do List: Create a to-do list as a reminder to yourself or sign-out to a colleague.

  6. Example: Discharge this patient tomorrow.

  7.  Follow Up: Create a task list for office staff to execute. 

  8. Example: Schedule follow-up patient in two weeks.

Images: Allows scanning of any relevant document e.g. facesheet, reports or pictures of any objects/patient.

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