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What is the purpose of my setting screen?
What is the purpose of my setting screen?
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  1. Analytics: Review detailed productivity data for an individual physician or the practice group as a whole using analytics and insights

  2. Manage Profile: Update user’s name, image and mobile telephone number

  3. GUIDE: Review frequently asked questions and helpful information to improve user experience.

  4. DEMO: Access app demo information at any time.

  5. Rate Our App: Provide and read our review in iTunes app store.

  6. Change Password: Change your existing password easily.

  7. Touch ID: activate touch ID to access mobile app without entering password.

  8. Feedback: Allows user to provide comments, and suggest new features. Be part of our ongoing development.

  9. Terms/Policy: Review terms and policy in an easily accessible format.

  10.  Support: Request support from DocCharge team using your email.

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