What is a modifier?

How modifiers provide specificity to the procedure rendured

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Modifiers further describe services rendered under certain circumstances for appropriate reimbursement.ย 

Modifiers my add or change information according to the physician documentation to give more specificity to the service or procedure rendered. Appending an appropriate modifier will facilitate reimbursement. Modifiers are two digit codes categorized in two levels:

  1. Level I Modifiers: Normally known as CPT Modifiers consist of two numeric digits and are updated annually by
    AMA - American Medical Association.

  2. Level II Modifiers: Normally known as HCPCS Modifiers consist of two digits (alpha / alphanumeric characters) in
    the sequence AA through VP. These modifiers are annually
    updated by CMS - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

Both of the above levels of Modifiers are recognized nationally.

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