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What can I do from my inbox?
What can I do from my inbox?

Take action on patients, view messages, ask for help all from the inbox!

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A. Send a New Message

Differentiate your messages by either asking a:

  • normal miscellaneous message to the recipient

  • Specifically ask for a medical opinion which will allow you to choose the patient you are asking question for

B. Search your messages 

  • by specifying the sender 

  • sorting your status (read vs. unread)

C. Take Action on the Message

  • Read: Note, once read you may not "unread" the message

  • Reply

  • View Patient: option will show when being asked for medical opinion

  • Delete Message

D. Take Action on the Patient

  1. Accept: Patient will be added to your Rounding List

  2. Reject: The assigning user will be notified of decline with action to reassign the patient

  3. Reassign: Reassign patient to other physicians and clinicians in your practice

  4. View: View patient information without taking any definite action

E. Still have questions?! 

Please chat with any of our live representatives or leave us a message so can promptly assist you with any questions you may have!

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