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Office Staff: How to Add New Patients to the DocCharge Portal
Office Staff: How to Add New Patients to the DocCharge Portal

For non-clinicians who would like to add and assign new patients using the DocCharge Portal

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Whether you are a curious professional, a new member of our team, or a wise partner who needs a refresher, we’ve developed step by step visual instructions to help you navigate the DocCharge System.

In this section, we discuss:

  1. How to add new patients to the DocCharge Portal (computer log-in) 

  2. How clinicians take action for new patients using the DocCharge App (mobile log-in)

Who Adds New Patients? Each practice will have their own protocol. However, we expect new patient additions to be completed by clinicians, office staff, and/or practice managers.

Non-clinicians: Adding New Patients to the DocCharge Portal

Once you’ve logged into your DocCharge Portal using a computer:

STEP 1: Select the Billing Icon in the top red navigation bar. 

STEP 2: On the top right hand corner, just below red navigation bar, select “Add Patient”

STEP 3: Record Relevant Information (Required Fields)

  • Physician: Who will follow patient during hospital stay?

  • Date of Admission: Patient’s date of admission to the hospital

STEP 4: Select Record More Info 

  • This will open up 5 more rows of pertinent patient information for better care coordination.

STEP 5: Record Relevant Information (To Streamline Care Coordination)

  • For Phone: Enter the phone number of the nurse in charge of the patient 

  • For Location: Enter the Patient’s Hospital Room Number 

  • For Reason: Enter patient diagnosis

STEP 6: Click Add New Patient to Notify Clinician

As soon as the DocCharge User adds the new patient, DocCharge sends a HIPAA compliant notification to the physician assigned.

Upon receiving notification, the physician will have options to view, accept, decline or reassign the new patient to a different clinician. 

Physicians & Clinicians: Taking Action from the Mobile App

Step 1: HIPAA Compliant notification pops up on mobile lock screen
Pro Tip: Deleting the notification (by sliding left on locked screen) will void patient information and action steps from the DocCharge App. Thus, do NOT slide left to delete notification.

Step 2: Once DocCharge application is opened, select inbox to view new patient

Step 3: Select the New Patient to take action

Step 4: Select Action for New Patient

  1. View: View patient information without taking any definite action

  2. Accept: Patient will be added to your Rounding List

  3. Decline: The assigning user will be notified of decline with action to reassign the patient

  4. Reassign: Reassign patient to other physicians and clinicians in your practice

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