Rounding Sheet Explained

Visual and textual explanation of icons, texts, and features

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The following two images provide a break down of what to expect when reading and interacting with your rounding sheet.

Rounding Sheet Icons

The numbers correspond to the boxed icons. Take a look below for a detailed description of each feature. 

  1. DocCharge Icon: allows you to change your mobile settings. View the guide, manage your profile, change your password, set touch ID, and view terms/policy. This icon is appears on rounding sheet and patient summary.

  2. Add New Patient: opens up application to input patient demographics which include personal information, medical record, charge information, and any relevant documents/images. this icon is universal across all sections in the app. This icon appears on rounding sheet and patient summary.

  3. Sort By: allows you to sort the patient information according to
    - patient name
    - hospital name
    - room number

  4. Refresh

  5. Provider vs. Group: allows you to take a look at the patients you're seeing for the day vs. the patients that have been assigned to your team.

  6. Add Charges to Patient: allows you to input patient information such as length of stay (LOS), date of service (DOS), and diagnosis (ICD-10, CPT, and CPT-ICD, Modifiers).

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